Key Benefits Of Investing In Mutual Funds

All types of investments come with some sort of risk and normally has its ups and downs. The same can be said for mutual fund investments although the level of risk is much lower then investing in directly into stocks since a mutual fund is a collective investment that uses money from the investor to purchase a group of stocks/investments as the value of those investments increase and decrease so to does the value of the fund. There are both pros and cons with mutual fund investing but for today we are just going to focus on the benefits listed below.Typically the most reassuring part of investing in a mutual fund is the knowledge that your fund is being managed and taken care of by a professional. When you buy and sell stocks and bonds, your best weapon beside due diligence is your gut instinct and a dogeared copy of the Wall Street Journal. With mutual funds, you’re trusting your investment to an expert or experts people whom probably have the Journal memorized and also has an entire corporation’s brain trust at their disposal. Its always a good idea to look into the mutual fund your thinking of buying previous history, success and do at least a quick Google search try to see what others maybe saying about the fund in question.For investors working on a tight budget that do not have much wiggle room, mutual funds are a great choice because they have maximum liquidity. Liquidity refers to how easy it is to get your cash back should you ever need it or simply want out of the investment. With some investments (especially low risk investments), your money can be tied up for extended periods of time with no way for you to access it without huge penalties or complete forfeit of any profits earned so far. You can hold onto a fund as long or you wish or you can sell at the end of every trading day so you can have instant almost instant access to your investment money anytime.A popular phrase associated with investing and used by many investors is diversification. Being a diverse investor means you don’t want all of your investments in the same thing. Since a fund will invest in stocks, commodities, bonds and other things, you can start to diversity your current investment portfolio instantly by investing in mutual funds.Another attractive benefit for those that are new to investing is how easy mutual fund investing is. Most investors don’t even have to worry about paying the proper tax and keeping the right records because the companies provide this service for you as part of managing your money. They are a fantastic way for first time investors to experiment with the market and investing as a whole.Finally, you will have a wide variety of choice of what type of fund you are going to invest into. No matter how much or how little you want to invest, how much risk your willing to take or what your short and long term goals are, there is a fund that will suit your needs.Again its important to state no form of investing is completely risk free, mutual funds provide a wide range of options that are perfect for first time investors and seasoned pros, alike. For a growing number of investors, mutual funds are the best investment vehicle available.

Software Telemarketing: Effective and Cost Minimizing

As the owner and operator of a software firm, you may be wondering what all the buzz about software telemarketing is. Here and there, you may be hearing about others talking about how it turned their companies around and allowed them to become more competitive and much more successful in terms of marketing their software products and services. You may be hearing statements like “telemarketing gets the job done”, or even “it’s really great! I got everything I need with software telemarketing”. And to tell you the truth, some of these statements are lot lies. Many have seen success in their endeavors with the aid of software telemarketing.Telemarketing is a popular marketing strategy that many types of businesses make use of all around the world. This is because telemarketing firms and the telemarketers they employ are very flexible in the types of services they offer. They often become contact centers for queries and troubleshooting in regards to certain products and services a firm offers, or they could become sales oriented and make calls to consumer households to make sales. Telemarketing is even used by B2B companies to get a little help in terms of getting more leads and getting business appointments. Software telemarketing is no exception to these and can also be a flexible part of your software firm. If you need lead generation for software leads, software telemarketing can answer that need. If you need a contact center for clients to call in regards to your products and services, you can bet that software telemarketing has that nailed as well. And if software appointment setting is what you want, well, that can be done as well.Many software firms choose to have a reliable software telemarketing firm as a sales and marketing solutions provider because they are, as said, flexible. Others also choose this because aside from being flexible it is also a cost-efficient solution. This is because you would only need one provider to do certain services, saving you a lot on resources. When a software firm needs software leads such as ERP leads, they can just instruct their chosen software telemarketing firm to do the task and they should get right to it. The results are also something you can be impressed with since professional telemarketers will be making all the calls, people who know all the right ways in terms of lead generation. And when it comes to software appointment setting, these skilled telemarketers have it covered as well. But first, before attempting appointment setting in regards to software sales, you must get yourself some good software leads. Without good leads at the disposal of your telemarketers, running an effective software appointment setting would be rather difficult. But since a single software telemarketing is all you need, you can task your chosen firm to do both these services for you so you will no longer need to find other means of procuring the needed software leads.Once you have your software leads, software appointment setting can take place. The results that software telemarketing bring in have satisfied and amazed the other owners and operators of software firms around the world and you can take their word for it when they say software telemarketing is effective.

Star Power: The Difference Between Entertainment and Knowledge

This week I hired a publicist. This may not seem like all that uncommon of a thing to do, but for me it was profound. The truth is that my book, “Testimony,” is not doing as well as it could be. I have been told that I need more “Star Power.” Sure, I have a loyal following of people, like yourself, who read my articles, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Facebook. Nevertheless, today that is not enough. Today, you have to have star power or celebrity status to really get your voice heard. Our culture tells us that it does not matter what you say, what really matters is who you are when you say it.Don’t get me wrong: I am not bitter about this, really I’m not (truly). I am, however, in all honesty, frightened by it. We will form our opinions and take advice from anyone as long as they are celebrity. Reality TV stars become experts in social science, movie stars become equivalent to PhD’s in the field of environmental science, and cable newscasters and entertainers get to tell us what our political and economic beliefs should be. Meanwhile, there is a real voice of reason, expertise, and experience sitting on the sidelines saying “If only I were famous enough, my ideas could change the world.” Instead, we learn our history from Pawn Stars, our science from Myth Busters, business management from The Apprentice, and world news and politics from The Daily Show.There are a lot of people out there smarter and even more educated than I am, but I believe in my message. I know that my writings come from a sincere heart and a love for truth and honesty. For this reason, I am willing to do whatever it takes to help my message be heard. I don’t claim to have all the answers; however, I also don’t claim to write or speak about anything that I don’t understand. I am the first to admit when I don’t know something and I am always eager to learn. But this is really not about me (I know that’s not the best thing to say for one trying to gain a little more star power). This is about a realization that I was hit with this week, a realization that truth is being ignored or replaced by… I don’t know what. I am frightened by the fact that sincerity and honesty is outweighed by celebrity egos who can’t admit where their expertise ends or begins. I am frightened by the fact that star power commentary holds more weight than real knowledge and understanding. Mostly, I am frightened for a future in which a world looks to entertainment for facts while questioning or ignoring real insight.People used to buy books based on the content in them and even well-known authors could enjoy a life of anonymity, focused solely on providing well-thought-out, meaningful content that could empower and impassion their readers. This allowed authors the freedom to continually learn and grow and, in turn, their books helped others do the same. Today, authors are not allowed this freedom. Their time is spent gaining star power instead of knowledge. More books are being sold than ever before. Information is everywhere, but what of the content of the books? People choose known faces over expertise, passion, and even truth.Just in case you did not catch it, the point is that we need to reevaluate how we ascertain quality, truth, and information. Mass media has transformed the way that people learn, grow, and experience life. This is an amazing thing, but we must learn to recognize the difference between entertainment and knowledge. This is not to say that gaining new insights can’t be entertaining, but there is a huge difference between knowledge presented in an entertaining way versus entertainment presented as knowledge. We must learn to recognize the difference and challenge ourselves to look deeper than the celebrity status or star power of those tasked with shaping our minds, thoughts, and opinions.You just may be surprised to find that the unknown authors, bloggers, and instructors are the ones that can bring real value to the table. After all, they did not set out to be a celebrity; they simply have a story, knowledge, or information to share. The work holds no secondary agenda; they don’t write just to be heard, they write because they have something worth listening too.